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PWC Updated 12 Oct 2010
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Computer Diagnostic Services

Snap-on MODIS™ Diagnostics — With vehicle technology becoming more sophisticated each year, it is essential that workshops invest in the right equipment. We now have the latest Snap-on MODIS™ engine management analyser, which incorporates a fast 4 channel automotive scope. The MODIS™ has a high speed PC based platform, which makes this a world leader in hand held diagnostics. The software is updated twice a year, including the unique TroubleShooter™ database, this means we always have the latest information available for most European makes of vehicle including Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

With this equipment we can read your car's fault diagnosis codes and hence quickly pinpoint problem and fix them. We offer a comprehensive vehicle diagnostic service to most makes of vehicle. We can diagnose faults in even the newest models without you having the expense of using the Dealership Network.

Modis which is a complete handheld diagnostic solution from Snap-on Tools. The Modis enables the technician to diagnose and pinpoint mechanical and electrical problems within vehicles faster, saving time and money.

Vehicles covered by Snap-on MODIS™ — Ford Vauxhall; MG; Rover; Citroen; Peugeot; Renault; BMW; Mini; Audi; VW; Seat; Mercedes; Fiat; Lancia; Alfa Romeo; Land Rover; Volvo; Honda; Toyota; Nissan.

Systems covered — Engine Management; Automatic Transmission; ABS; Airbag; Air conditioning; SRS; Functional Tests; ECU Identification; Hydroactive Suspension; Oil Light Reset; Inspection Light reset; Instrument Panel; Comfort Systems.

Contact us about your particular vehicle.